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  “The elite”. Is it possible for anyone else to be acknowledged as “the elite” in American jazz as much as Wynton Marsalis could be? The genius signed a contract with Columbia Records when he went to the Juilliard School, and since then has always been the king of jazz.

  Wynton Marsalis was born and raised in a musical family in New Orleans, where he was natural-ly able to gain knowledge and excellent skills of both jazz and classical music. He started his career in both of the musical fields, and his outstanding capability can be seen from the fact that he won the Grammy for both jazz and classical music in 1983 when Marsalis was still in his early 20s. Regardless of this achievement, his essential had always been jazz — and he has been able to create his own acoustic jazz expression after carefully exploring his predecessors’ jazz music.

  After 1996, Marsalis became the artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, a part of Lincoln Cen-ter for the Performing Arts in New York City. Since then he’s been endeavoring to make jazz — the greatest musical gift of the United States in the 20th century — to spread and thrive. The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra and the institution together champions, performs and educates people about jazz and annually organizes concerts that come in such rich diversity. No wonder the jazz ambassador is acclaimed as one of the best and preeminent jazz bandleaders in the United States.

  But that’s not it. He released “From the Plantation to the Penitentiary” — a work that was a type of protest — in 2007. Marsalis had been enhancing and embracing flexibility in his works, and this piece included vocals and raps. He also performed with artists like Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan at Jazz at Lincoln Center, collaborated with Pakistan’s finest orchestra Sachal Jazz Ensemble and with Rubén Blades, one of the biggest names in salsa music. Marsalis is overflowing with curiosity and compo-sitional energy, and his wonderful music continues to entertain his audiences.

  That Wynton will be performing in Japan — not with The Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra but with the quintet. Since his last performance with a quintet was in 1996, this would be the first time in TWENTY THREE YEARS he would be performing with them!

  Who are the members of the quintet? Of course they are all prominent and leading figures that have performed with Marsalis before — including jazz drummer Jason Marsalis, who is also Wynton’s younger brother. Since Wynton will be performing with a quintet, instruments include the essential mod-ern jazz instruments. Will this show prove where the jazz legend stands now as a jazz trumpeter? We shall see.

Eisuke Sato



Wynton Marsalis

  Wynton Marsalis was born in 1961 to a musical family in New Orleans, Louisiana. His father was Ellis Marsalis Jr., an extremely renowned pianist in the area and a music teacher who taught jazz at the same time.

  His older brother Branford Marsalis was also a jazz musician and an American saxophonist. Wynton was invited to perform with the legend Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers after he entered Juil-liard. At age 19, he made his first recording as a leader — “Wynton Marsalis Quintet” — and has released nearly 80 albums since then including classical ones. The genius is also the winner of multiple Grammy Awards.

  In 1996, Marsalis became the artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center, a part of Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts in New York City. Since then he’s been engaged in numerous various and vivid ac-tivities to make jazz — the greatest musical gifts of the United States in the 20th century — to spread and thrive. Without doubt, the jazz star is currently the best and most preeminent jazz bandleader in the Unit-ed States.


Ticket info

5.28(Tue.) 7:00pm start

Shinjuku Culture Center

Wynton Marsalis - Trumpet
Walter Blanding - Saxophone & Clarinet
Carlos Henriquez - Bass
Jason Marsalis - Drums
Dan Nimmer - Piano

Ticket Price
◎Seat S 12,000 yen / ◎Seat A 8,000 yen
◎Seat B 6,000 yen (Voucher for seat-assignined ticket on the day of performance)
[!]Box office will be open 60 minute before the performance, and then you can exchange your voucher to a ticket which indi-cetes your seat assignment. The voucher does not guarantee admission to the viewing area. A seat-assignied ticket is required for admission.
◎Seat SS 18,000 yen
◎U-20: 3,000 yen
[!]ID Required (must be the age of 20 or less on the day of performance), exclusively available through Lawson Ticket.
※5-year-old or less children are not permitted to enter

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